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Strength to Motivate
Team Alpha Force
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Empowering message
Strength Show
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Entertaining and funny
Action Packed Show
Strongmen Show

Strongmen Show

Sportsman deliver an stunning strongman show, breaking bricks, ripping phonebooks in half, bending steel bars with their bear hands and much more.

Motivation Show

Motivation Show

Alpha Force delivers an out of the box event/show empowered with a strong motivational life changing message, challenging you to explore your full potential.

Keep your body and mind

Fit & Strong

Keeping yourself in shape is one of the most important things you can do if you want to grow old with health and joy. The same principle applies to your mind. Keep your mind in shape, read book, motivate yourself, this is prolong your years and keep you happy.



September 4th (Private Event)
September 11th (Private Show)
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About the Team

Breaking bricks, blowing up rubber hot water bottles, bending bars of steel, rolling a flying pan with bare hands, flipping over a car or other incredible stunts. All to gain the opportunity to speak out a powerful, life changing message. Alpha Force started in 2011 with the goal to make a change in Sweden and in the world, our mission is to bring a life changing message to all generation through an entertaining show.

Explosive show

Alpha Force offers strongmen like stunts and athletic challenges involving the audience on an explosive action show.


No place for a seminar or message? No problem!
Alpha Force works as an entertaining strength show as well.


Alpha Force performers have huge experiences related to bullying and tell life stories that impact people's lives.

Private company shows and events.

Company parties and events using team building, inspirational stories and uplifting challenges to enforce team work.


TAF motivational speakers bring a motivational message with great success reaching even the most closed individuals.

Life Coaching

TAF Life Couching is was implemented to help people to live their dream, active their goals and reach their full potential.

Alpha Force Shows

Alpha Force uses a strength demonstration show, like a strongmen contest to bring a clean message to it’s audience.

The message consists of:
Motivation, business mindset, be the change, anti-drug, anti-violence, anti-bullying, anti-abuse, pro-life, right choices, inspirational messages and more.

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Breaking bricks, blowing up rubber hot water bottles, bending bars of steel, rolling a flying ...
TAF has been working in many Latvian cities lately. We do prison ministry, bringing a ...
Alpha Force doing Prison work in the city of Daugavgrivas in Daugavpils, Latvia. Social work ...

Details about us

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Team Director
Viktor is the Director and has co-found Team Alpha Force with Paulo Deucher in 2011, he has over 10 years of experience and has become a certified motivational speaker, Influencer and business leader in the recent years.
Viktor Bulle
Team Director
The Team
Here are some of our team members.
Motivational Speaker, Professional strongman, Fitness instructors, Powerlifter, Event manager, Nutritionist.. Some of the knowledge our team members has to offer.
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The Team
The Show
Strength Demonstration show, motivational, life coaching and a lot more. You will see unbelievable stunts such as: concrete break, ripping phonebooks in half, bending steel bars, blowing up hot water bottles and more...
Details on:
The Show
Viktor BulleTeam DirectorDetails on:The TeamDetails on:The Show

Our Head Office

Team Alpha Force - Sweden

Gråbergsvägen 30, 43541 MÖLNLYCKE - Sweden

Motivational Show

Call 070-383 84 62 for more information
on Motivation and Strength show.

We'd love to hear from you


If you have any questions regarding our team, motivational speakers, social work, school assemblies and prison work send us a message. You can also connect with us via Facebook, Instagram and email.

Team Alpha Force is a powerful, fun, entertaining was to give out a life changing message, an anti-bullying speech or a motivational message to your audience. Contact us today!

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