About us

Team Alpha Force is a team of athletes, motivational speakers and performers which travel the world with a powerful message of change. We do strength demonstration shows where we use stunts to tell life stories, motivation and inspirational messages.

Alpha Force performers tell their life story to the audience, stories about choices, life experiences, bullying, family issues, racism and other topics, all according to the need or theme the event is following.
Adults, young people, teenagers and kids all have different issues or curiosity. Alpha Force brings can bring up question to make you think about how your choices are affecting you, your family and people around you.


Strength show with an empowering message.

“The greatest tragedy in life is not death, but a life without a purpose.”

Discovering your purpose, what you are good at or what you can give to human kind is one of the most powerful things you can know. Alpha Force challenges the audience to discover and develop their purpose in life. This is one of the main messages Team Alpha Force carries to their show.